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Chaos Royale

game overview

The new genre of Bullet Heaven with an indirect Battle Royale aspect. Players try to simultaneously survive in their own arenas to be the last player standing, upgrading their character as usual, but also being able to disrupt other players by sending hazards to their arena trying to defeat them.

In Chaos Royale you fend of waves of enemies by utilizing your characters abilities. In between these waves you can either upgrade your characters abilities or buy hazards that will be send to the arenas of other players during a wave.

The above aspect of Chaos Royale makes a major difference in comparison to other games in its genre. While other games have repetitive sessions with only their load-outs as a changing factor, Chaos Royale has that but also the surprising and sometimes unpredictable element of other players making no session feel the same.

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Bullet Heaven, Battle Royale, Multiplayer
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Multiplayer, but special
Usually players face against each other directly. In Chaos Royale players fight against each other by sending them threats instead, taking out the immediate pressure of facing someone while still staying competitive.
variety of playable characters
Chaos Royale has several different classes each containing several different characters. Every class and every character has abilities exclusive to them, diversifying gameplay and allowing players to pick their favorites.
Play with your friends
Even if the competitive aspect is indirect you can still team-up with your friends. Find interesting or strong combinations between your characters abilities and try them out in a training session or a real match against another group of players.
Multiple maps with multiple monsters

Chaos Royale offers several distinct maps with different monsters tailored to that map. Players will have to adjust to the challenges of the arena according to its monsters. The same play style might not work all the time.